Intelligent design
of living systems


Asimov builds tools to program living cells.
Our mammalian cell engineering platform advances the design and manufacture of biologics and gene therapies.


CAD software

Computer-aided design, simulation, and debugging of genetic systems.

Cell lines

GMP host cell lines for improved biologics and viral vector manufacturing.

Genetic parts

Optimized vectors and genetic parts database for custom functionality.
We’re currently partnering with leading biopharma companies and CDMOs.
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Focus Areas

Synthetic biology is ushering in an era where therapeutics can be iteratively engineered rather than discovered. Our platform enables an engineering mindset for next-generation medicines.

Monoclonal antibody

Multifunctional and
molecule manufacturing


Design of vector payloads
and capsid-specific

AAV and lentiviral


Full-stack bioengineering.


Synthetic Biology

Nature has evolved billions of useful molecular devices in the form of genes, across the tree of life. We source, catalog, refine, and remix these genetic components to build new biological systems.


Computer-Aided Design

Biology is complex, and genetic engineering unlocks an unbounded design space. Computational modeling is critical to move synthetic biology beyond traditional brute force screening.


Multi-omics Measurement

Genome-scale, multi-omics measurement technologies provide deep views into the cell. These techniques permit pathway analysis at the scale of a whole cell, and inspection down at single-nucleotide resolution.


Machine Learning

Machine learning bridges large-scale datasets with mechanistic models of biology. Artificial intelligence can augment human capabilities to design and understand biological complexity.

Asimov Inside

We endeavor to build the genetic programs powering the world's most impactful biotechnologies. One day, entire genomes will be designed from the ground up. Come help us build this future.

Meet Our Team

Ours is a culture of recombination, where diverse expertise and experiences intermix. Our team spans synthetic biology, machine learning, computational biology, and automation.

Alex Aguilar

Laboratory Operations Technician

Rachel Bozadjian

Research Associate

Michelle Chang

Synthetic Biologist II

Haewon Chung

Synthetic Biologist II

Nick De La Torre

Senior Associate Scientist

Amber Delhagen

Senior Research Associate

Douglas Densmore


Amanda Embree

Senior Automation Engineer

Nick Emery

Automation Engineer II

Alina Ferdman

Senior Software Engineer

Jamie Freeman

Senior Director of Business Development and Commercial Strategy

Xiaoran Fu

Head of DNA

Jeremy Gam

Senior Synthetic Biologist

Ben Gordon

Senior Director of Research

Zach Gottlieb

Senior Software Engineer

Brianna Jayanthi

Synthetic Biologist II

Szilvia Kiriakov

Computational Biologist II

David Lei

Research Associate II

Maya Kaul

Research Associate

Rachel Kelemen

Synthetic Biologist II

Michael Leonard

Synthetic Biologist

Kevin LeShane

Head of Software Design

Paulena Lieske

Senior Cell Line Development Scientist

Jeff McMahan

Synthetic Biologist

Alec Nielsen

Co-Founder & CEO

Dan Phelps

Senior Software Engineer

Katelin Pratt

Senior Research Associate II

Jessica Rock

Laboratory Operations Manager

Felicity Rudge

Senior Business Development Manager

Dylan Samperi

Automation Engineer

Kevin Smith

Head of Technology Development

Raja Srinivas


Christopher Stach

Synthetic Biologist II

Mark Stockdale

Strategic Alliance Director

Susanne Talbot

Talent Acquisition Specialist

David Tulga

Senior Automation Engineer

Steve Von Stetina

Senior Scientist

Drew Ward

Senior Director of Strategic Business Development

Layton Wedgeworth

VP Software Engineering

Dinghai Zheng

Senior Computational Biologist

Christopher Voigt


Jorge Conde

Board Member

Paul McCracken

Board Member


We are backed by exceptional investors at the intersection of biology, computation, and engineering.

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